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Princeton Theological Seminary: A Narrative History, 1812-1992 (1992)

There are 17 sections

Front Matter and Title Page (6)

Contents (2)

List of Illustrations (2)

Foreword (2)

Preface (4)

Prologue: Princeton Theological Seminary in the Early 1990s (3)

1. From the Beginning: Scots-Irish Presbyterian Influences; College of New Jersey; A New Nation (10)

2. Now These Are the Names: The Period of Conception; College of New Jersey; Plan of the Theological Seminary (11)

3. These Be the Words: Early Years; Board of Trustees; Buildings; Doctrinal Differences; The Faculty (21)

4. Blessed is the Man: Society in Flux; Faculty Personnel; Trustee Personnel; Facilities and Finances; Student Amenities; Curricular Developments; The Princeton Theology; Alumni in the Missionary Field (32)

5. Now It Came to Pass: Seminary Governance; Divided Responsibilities; Denominational Strife; A Seminary Asunder; Faculty Appointments; Curricular Developments; Other Educational Developments; Continued Financial Concerns; Physical Facilities; Campus Life; Support of and by Alumni; End of an Era (35)

6. The Burden of the Word: A Gentle Breeze; Rebuilding the Faculty; Academic Enrichment; Physical Expansion and Financial Needs; Administrative Developments; Campus Life; Words of Fulfillment (26)

7. The Song of Songs: Societal Dynamics; Financial Growth; Physical Expansion; Seminary Governance; Faculty Appointments; Academic Programs; Enrollment; Campus Life; Alumnae-Alumni (40)

Epilogue: Princeton Theological Seminary into the Twenty-First Century (4)

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